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"The Black & Rossi team has in-depth knowledge of the current DoD logistics environment, policies governing logistics, and familiarity with planned logistics capability enhancements. We take pride in developing programs and initiatives to achieve cost-effective logistics support to the American war fighter.”
e get superior results by understanding customer needs and then responding with the services that result in creative, breakthrough solutions.
Knowledgeable. Experienced. Tenacious.
  • Analysis: Understanding and assisting Department of Defense Leaders with identifying appropriate solutions to solve their unique challenges
  • Sources of Funding: Identifying unique funding resources and opportunities for introducing appropriate solutions to the Government customer
  • Program Management: Providing Program Management expertise to ensure project success
  • Consulting: Identifying and providing the appropriate set of tools to accomplish the task at hand based on a full and comprehensive operational analysis including resource allocation, procurement, technical support, testing and implementation

No other service provider in our industry can compete with our team’s in-depth knowledge of the current Department of Defense policies governing logistics and our familiarity and expertise in planned logistics capability enhancements. Combine visionary, creative solutions with knowledgeable, experienced professionals and you’ve got a snapshot of what Black & Rossi provides every day to clients and collaborators worldwide.

Our Newest Service: The Technology Acceptance Model™
Black & Rossi has just introduced a unique, proprietary business tool to streamline and simplify the decision making process for companies seeking to solicit contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD) as well as for DoD officials and staff who manage those contracts. The Technology Acceptance Model™ is a systematic, stage-based decision analysis tool that provides a more quantitative, less intuitive approach for making important, strategic decisions where risk and uncertainty rank high. The easy-to-use model filters user input and data to develop a recommended course of action.

Whether you are a purchasing officer at the Pentagon or a small- or large business contractor, the Technology Acceptance Model™ reduces the time associated with making important decisions and reduces costs as well. To see a demonstration and to learn more about how this ground breaking new tool can help you, contact us at [email protected] or call 281-292-1022.

Our services include:

  • Liaison: Assisting private sector companies with emerging technologies to identify Department of Defense opportunities for gaining exposure because of our contacts, knowledge of an experience with key DoD officials and programs,
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