"The Black & Rossi team has in-depth knowledge of the current DoD and MoD  logistics environment, policies governing logistics, and familiarity with planned logistics capability enhance-ments. We take pride in developing programs and initiatives to achieve cost-effective logistics support to the American and Coalition war fighter.”
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We focus on:
  • Understanding and assisting Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense Leaders with identifying appropriate solutions to solve their unique challenges,
  • Assisting private sector companies with emerging technologies to identify Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense opportunities for gaining exposure,
  • Identifying unique funding resources and opportunities for introducing appropriate solutions to the Government customer,
  • Providing Program Management expertise to ensure project success,
  • Identifying and providing the appropriate set of tools to accomplish the task at hand,
  • Injecting visionary and disciplined solutions for all projects.
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We get superior results by understanding customer needs and then responding with creative solutions.
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