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Bradley Ground Vehicle Maintenance Trainer 
In both the private and public space, educators and administrators are continually searching for tools that can be applied to positively impact the overall educational experience and improve the availability of learning tools and skill sets of their students.  In particular, distance learning, or “e-learning,” can be exploited by embracing disruptive technologies to improve the learning experience. Modular, innovative and integrated approaches can not only allow for greater access to learning concepts but also the depth, quality and robustness of the curriculum.  The challenge is doing so in the current evolving and technologically changing world that we live in.  Black & Rossi is applying decades of SME to inject novel learning approaches to the solution.  ​The goal of this project is to inject disruptive' learning technologies to develop revolutionary learning experiences for Warfighter Maintainers. 
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We assist private sector companies with emerging technologies to identify Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense opportunities. 
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project  
The Department of Defense through the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - Ground Vehicle Systems Center (CCDC-GVSC) is working to research, analyze, and demonstrate advanced technologies that could lead to increased battlefield capabilities and decrease sustainment costs.  The Fuel Cell industry is rapidly expanding through many commercial-based efforts relating to the automobile and trucking industry.  The possibility of fuel cell integration into existing and future ground vehicles could lead to extended range and added forward operating power generation capabilities. While the military environment is drastically different than the commercial applications of fuel cells; this technology could increase our military’s ability to sustain and advance Army ground vehicle’s capabilities.  Black & Rossi is a critical component of the industry team.
The CJCS National Military Strategy identifies the need for Dynamic Force Employment (DFE).  The key to achieving this is the “Building a strong, agile, and resilient force requires better interoperability and enhancing the combat lethality and survivability of our allies and partners.”  Black & Rossi and its teammates have worked on Joint Enterprise Data Interoperability (JEDI).  JEDI is a JSJ4 developed capability to insure data interoperability that will enable the US Army to improve lethality and enable logistics data interoperability in the Joint and Coalition space, while supporting the concept of DFE.  Black & Rossi and its teammate NEXUS, LCM  are working to insure that JEDI enables the Army and US EUCOM to re-use US force deployment data to populate US data in the NATO Logistics Functional Area Services (LOGFAS) suite of tools for coordinating deployment and sustainment of the combined forces.  JEDI also re-uses LOGFAS data within a Recognized Logistics Picture (RLP) of the combined force, enabling cross-servicing of logistics resources and sustainment planning. Team JEDI is working with US Army Europe and Joint Modernization Command to address this important need.
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