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"Black & Rossi has developed a strong reputation for being innovative, visionary and a very reliable organization focused on superior results. It is our ability to persevere thru the collection of mind-boggling issues in order to develop a truly visionary and functional solution set that is prized and successful.
ince 2002, when Bill Black, a Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve, founded the company, Black & Rossi
Innovative. Visionary. Focused.
has developed a strong reputation for being an innovative, visionary and reliable organization focused on superior results.
Our Team is Experienced
We find the right people at the right time to get the job done.  We task organize to match the relevant skill set and experience mix to support any engagement. From a visionary planning standpoint, the Black & Rossi team has in-depth understanding of logistics strategies (e.g. managing ever evolving, competing requirements in the midst of dwindling resources), the relationship between the different components (spiral development & incremental development), and the inter-dependencies of these components, especially when implementing strategies across the Department of Defense enterprise. 

Our Team Knows the Military
Our team’s background as retired and reserve military personnel, augmented with former Defense Department civil servants, makes us intimately familiar with federal policies and procedures. Our experience goes beyond just a single service, as we have experience in joint and allied operations, including working with functional and geographic combatant commands. We have working knowledge of Joint Doctrine, Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES), NATO planning processes and Allied Joint publications.  We have extensive experience in the Department of Defense Acquisition process, with focus on acquisition logistics. Due to our experience as change agents in developing policies and processes, our team is required to fully understand the organization, processes, and information flow within the organizations in order to effectively implement positive changes.
Interested in a Career with Us?
Unlock your potential with Black & Rossi! We foster an environment that values integrity, intelligence, tenacity and talent. Just send us your resume and any other pertinent information for consideration to [email protected] or call 281-292-1022.

Our Team Gets Results
The Black & Rossi professional team has a proven track record in conducting analyses, developing visionary strategic plans, and implementing workable solutions in support of next generation Department of Defense logistics.
Consider a few examples:
  • Our results have provided a basis for making pivotal planning, technology, and resource investment decisions by the Department of Defense with far reaching impact on future warfighting capabilities. 
  • Our commitment to sound, workable solutions have resulted in award-winning projects and customer/industry recognition of our efforts. 
  • Our solutions-focused methodology leverages best practices, innovation, and a mix of tools and models to help clients make intelligent business and technical choices.
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