THE WOODLANDS, TX – November 22, 2013 — Black & Rossi today announced that the company has completed work with the National Center of Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) Contractor Property Management (CPM) project to conduct a detailed end to end study of the current Government Furnished Property (GFP) processes, taking into account the upgrades planned for the near future. The analysis included current and emerging policy, tools, and interfaces.

B&R President Bill Black was part of the NCMS team tasked with proposing, documenting and demonstrating enhancements to the management of GFE with the existing information systems, and identifying areas for improvement in an unconstrained environment. Working closely with the sponsor at OSD Defense Procurement and Policy (DPAP) office, as well as the U.S. Marine Corps, Black and the NCMS team developed and mapped several scenarios for issue and recovery of different types of property to and from contractors to understand the actors, systems, information exchange requirements and current methods to be able to map where data is created, captured and consumed by actors throughout these processes.

The NCMS team participated in an initial systems integration testing of Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and the Defense Property Accounting System (DPAS). This test included an assessment with the Marine Corps for the suitability for use in enhanced GFP management. After initial mapping of enhanced GFP processes using WAWF and DPAS, the team gained Marine Corps approval for a limited test in the production environments. The Marine Corps, with the help of DPAP and the NCMS team worked through several technical and administrative challenges with the Government systems but were successful in demonstrating the enhanced GFP management processes. The NCMS team documented the overall project, and captured the highlights in a video to be used for stakeholders and those who continue to refined GFP and related government property management processes.

Watch the Contractor Property Management Video

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